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New HP omen with 1TB storage and only 119 GB on C drive and the balance on D without any way of extending partitions.

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If this is the case, move larger folders--such as those containing your photos, videos, games, and personal documents--to an external drive or other location to make enough space on your drive for cloning to the smaller SSD.In the Tab that opens, select any drive other than C:, then select System Managed Size and then Set.If the browse button is deactivated, there is already something installed on the machine that is forcing the install to go to the C:\ drive.

Note for VMDK images: Your original VMDK guest image could be in one VMDK file or split into multiple VMDK files done by a virtualization program like VMWare.

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Is there an easy way now to install Steam and all games on a different drice than the C:.

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You can then expand the target partition at the end if you want.

If the C-drive and the D-drive are on different physical drives, there likely would be some gain in speed.

At first, I had a little trouble managing the space since the 1TB on my Google Drive was bigger than my HDD, but after I got that sorted I started to learn some of the deeper features of Google Drive, some of which are pretty cool.

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Back in 2014, I moved over from Dropbox to Google Drive and found a few unexpected benefits.How to move Windows XP to a new and larger hard drive - Using EASEUS Todo Backup Windows XP has no integrated image backup software therefore a free third party utility will be used to create an image backup of the Windows partition and restore that backup to your new and larger hard drive.A clone backup is an exact copy of a hard drive volume, and a bootable clone is an exact copy that can be used as a computer startup disk.Just makes it easier to reload and keeps you from running your hypervisor out of space.

While this may seem counter-intuitive there are some situations where you may want or need to do this.At this point the process of moving Windows 7 from your old drive to your new and possibly larger drive would appear to be successful.

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If you do not need to swap drive letters, simply name the \DosDevice\letter: value to any new drive letter not in use.You have to real options: A bare hard drive, or an external drive.

This way, you can use older file systems (that support only 2TB) and still have RAID 5 protection and more than 2 TB of total storage.To do this, put all 5 drives into a RAID set and create a 2 TB RAID Level 5 volume set.For images larger than 32GB, you need a second USB key because of the FAT32 partition size limitation.But the Home is on the original drive and the Pro is on the new drive.

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The problem with an external hard drives is that it might get its drive letter suddenly reassigned when you add new media to the PC.

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Officially, Clonezilla does not support cloning from a larger hard drive to a smaller one.

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