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These include the full range of operations, some arrange-the-cards puzzle questions and some worded questions on standard form.

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This video is from Teachers TV: probability, ratio, symmetry, square numbers and circles This pupil programme is intended for teachers to use in sections, showing it to pupils on a whiteboard.KS3 Bitesize has become one of the most vital tools in online revision.

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It is used to analyse and communicate information and ideas and to tackle a range of practical tasks and real life problems.For example, if the center of enlargement was (1,0) we would plot an X on the coordinate (1,0) and this would be where we would make all our measurement from.An interactive animation demonstrating how to find the centre of enlargement for two scaled shapes.

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For each of the following, find the centre of enlargement, scale factor and label the image.

This includes wider curriculum areas such as contexts in science, computing, finance, etc.

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Triangles, 4-sided polygons and box shaped objects may be selected.Maths Curriculum Purpose: Maths is an essential tool for everyday life.

Inquiry maths is a model of teaching that encourages students to regulate their own activity while exploring a mathematical statement (called a prompt).Center of enlargement: The center of enlargement tells us where the enlargement is being measured from.

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Due to the way in which these resources are created (see information for Assessment Package 1), there are.You can select different variables to customize these Transformations Worksheets for your needs.Enlargement of shapes is very important if you work in design, architecture, city landscapes, modelling or any area that requires a scale model first.

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Each assessment includes an AFL self-reflection section at the end.Pride and Prejudice Volume 1 quiz. by anonymous. Quiz. Naming 3D Shapes Match Up. by.The main family of resources are the QuickQuestion Interface family, which produce random questions in a variety of different settings.

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Education resources, designed specifically with parents in mind.Transformations are probably one of the most visual topics in maths.The following collection of resources have been assembled by the TES Maths Panel.JustMaths was born from the passion and spirit of three full-time teachers who have a genuine belief in the power of collaboration and sharing ideas and best practice.They can be downloaded for free by registering on the TES website.

Number Algebra Shape Data A level About A website for maths teachers to share their homework creations.You will find all sorts of useful resources to help with your revision.

Enlargements 1a, basic enlargements, includes ratio of areas, for students, KS3 and KS4, useful for class discussions Enlargements 1a, basic enlargements, includes ratio of areas, for students, KS3 and KS4, useful for class discussions.KS3 Mathematics Games Looking for free Mathematics games for KS3.

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Unit 3 Higher Maths Welcome to the Unit 3 Higher page for Edexcel GCSE Maths.

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Enlargement is described by its scale factor and the position is described by the centre of enlargement.The questions will be slightly altered according to the new curriculum The main difference to the format of the papers is the change from a Mental Arithmetic paper to an Arithmetic paper.A 2 to 5 ratio will produce a smaller enlargement than a 2 to 7, because for every two units on the original you are generating only 5 units of enlargement instead of 7.

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Label the image C. (b) Enlarge shape B below by a scale factor.